Atlantic Puffin accelerates your enterprise productivity and innovation by building ServiceNow apps for your business.

Dokument gives full control over the customisation level in your ServiceNow instance.

AppCompass ensures that your users work efficiently in ServiceNow by guiding them with easy to follow click through demo scenarios.

OnSiteFile protects your sensitive attachment and document data by routing items on your premises.

DocMerge automates your document creation so you can get back to business. Automatically merge ServiceNow object data into a PDF, Word document, or PowerPoint presentation in an instant.

Boost you organisation’s innovation & productivity with intelligent employee seating arrangement. AppMix is an intelligent spatial management software. It manages employee seating plans according to expertise, experience or any other criteria that ts the company objectives.

We have other great apps that are currently in the making. Please reach out to us if you want to learn more.

We build app for the Enterprise

Atlantic Puffin is solely dedicated to building apps that will accelerate your entreprise’s business.

Whether you are a large international organisation or a local mid-market company, ServiceNow apps can help you optimise your operations and meet your business needs.

Our extensive experience of the Service Management industry guarantees that our apps will help you draw significant benefits from your ServiceNow instance.

Built for ServiceNow

We’re 100% dedicated to building Enterprise Platform Apps on the ServiceNow platform.

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Our apps are already live with various customers. We are in the process of publishing them through the ServiceNow store!


At Atlantic Puffin we believe that building apps is all about delivering exceptional quality products that bring significant added value to our customers. We just love what we do!  As a team made of Service Management experts, engineers, designers and ServiceNow gurus, we’re aiming at stirring the app market towards innovation and customer centric approach.

Based in mainland Europe, APAC, Oceania and soon NA, we address a global market where we can deliver our global vision and help our customers grow their operations.

At Atlantic Puffin, we build Great Apps for the ServiceNow platform.


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