Why Knowledge17 will be all about the ServiceNow Store

These are exciting times. We all have a front row seat to watch several revolutions happening right now in the B2B technology world.

Artificial Intelligence is one of them. Bots and other ways to use IA have already replaced functions in the enterprise. So much so that human beings already interact in a natural manner with computers through IA on a daily basis.

Quantum computing is also on the list. As we thought we were starting to see the limits of computing, quantum approach is on the verge of offering insane calculation power that could propel research and development in an altogether new era.

The “store-ification” of the B2B world is another one and it’s gonna rock Knowledge17 this year with the ServiceNow Store.

We are all used to “app stores”. With our smartphone and tablets, we use apps everyday. Wether it is the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, we all are familiar with the concept.

Why is it a revolution for the B2B industry?

  1. Power at light speed – This is the cloud computing next step, made available to B2B customers, right now. ServiceNow is not a simple ERP anymore… it’s a platform. It means that partners can leverage the power of the ServiceNow engine and toolkit to build incredibly powerful B2B apps.
  2. Instant benefit – Customers don’t have to embark into time consuming and costly projects to boost their benefits of deploying ServiceNow. They can now tap into a vast catalogue of “plug’n play” apps that go well beyond the original scope of the solution. There are incredible apps such as talent acquisition software, staff and visitors evacuation solution, ILM, healthcare device tracking systems, etc.
  3. Peace of mind – ServiceNow certifies the apps that are published on the Store by its partners. This means that the editor of the platform commits to its customers that apps published on its store meet the highest level of quality, security and reliability standards.

To demonstrate this, ServiceNow has selected 9 companies that will showcase the power of the platform and the store at Knowledge17. You can meet them in a dedicated area (see area circled in red in the Knowledge17 exhibition map below).

At Atlantic Puffin, we will be demonstrating SkillMix, an innovative office space management app alongside other awesome solutions. Come and meet us to test drive apps and join the “Store-ification” revolution!

At Atlantic Puffin we believe that building apps is all about delivering exceptional quality products that bring significant added value to our customers. We just love what we do! As a team made of Service Management experts, engineers, designers and ServiceNow gurus, we’re aiming at stirring the app market towards innovation and customer centric approach.

Based in mainland Europe, APAC, Oceania and soon NA, we address a global market where we can deliver our global vision and help our customers grow their operations.

At Atlantic Puffin, we build Great Apps for the ServiceNow platform.