OnSiteFile is now available on the ServiceNow Store

OnSiteFile-ServiceNow-StoreIt’s actually happened. Yes, OnSiteFile is now available on the ServiceNow Store!

Enterprises may be required to store attachment files outside of ServiceNow for confidentiality/regulatory reasons or simply to overcome storage limit issues. 

OnSiteFile replaces the standard attachment functionality of ServiceNow. Instead of storing the attachment file within the ServiceNow infrastructure, it is automatically routed to the file repository of your choice. This repository can be located in your local enterprise infrastructure or be a private or public cloud solution.

OnSiteFile is seamless for the end user. It works on the ServiceNow back-office forms as well as on portal forms.

Key Features

Completely transparent for users

  • Works on Portals and Back-Office forms
  • Upload/Download small or large files
  • Upload/Download multiple files
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Improves the ServiceNow Out-of-the-box functionality by displaying an upload progress bar
  • Tested on Chrome, Firefox, IE11 and Edge web browsers

Technology agnostic in regards to the customer file repository. Works with:

  • File server
  • Private cloud solution
  • Public cloud solution 

Easy to implement

  • 2 tiers architecture: ServiceNow + Node.js server. The file repository is your choice.
  • As soon at the node.js server is deployed and configured, the solution can be tested in minutes
  • Widgets and UI formatters shipped with the application.

Highly secured

  • Single origin control
  • Tokens used to secure transaction
  • TLS protocol

Supporting Links & Docs

AtlanticPuffin Support page