Your CISO can become a hero with OnsiteFile, Servicenow attachments storage on-premises

OnSiteFile, an exclusive application for ServiceNow by Atlantic Puffin, enables enterprises to leverage the power of ServiceNow while storing their files in their premises and retaining all ServiceNow functionalities.
OnSiteFile replaces the “out of the box” attachment functionality of ServiceNow. Files that need to be attached to a record in ServiceNow are sent to the Enterprise file repository of their choice rather than being stored in ServiceNow.
There are several benefits in using OnSiteFile:
  • Meet internal and external regulatory confidentiality requirements
  • Manage big files
  • Keep your ServiceNow storage space under 4TB
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Key features:

  • Keep the native ServiceNow “attachment” functionality
  • Leverage the ServiceNow « Managed Document » plugin
  • Integration within your current or future IT infrastructure

Note: OnSiteFile application is certified and available on the ServiceNow Store. Request a free trial!