Free yourself from your obsolete and pricey ServiceNow technical specifications. Make your ServiceNow instance future proof with Atlantic Puffin’s  Automagic serviceNow Technical documentation app, Dokument. Available on the ServiceNow store!


Dokument massively reduces costs of technical documentation, optimises technical knowledge transfer by providing an undisputed source of technical information and helps you concentrate on your business and stop wondering ”At which level of customisation is my ServiceNow instance?

Dokument’s main features are:

  • Automatically scans and decodes what’s inside any completed update set that you’ve ever installed on your ServiceNow instance
  • Provides you with versioning control of your code by saving each and every version of servicenow objects that you’ve included in update sets
  • Ties up your code with your business requirements with a unique link to task table inherited records (stories, defects, enhancements, incidents, changes, etc.)

So in a nutshell, doKument provides you with the full and complete visibility on your ServiceNow’s now state of customisation and evolutions through your projects and business as usual activities.

Empower your administrator with this magic tool. Request from your ServiceNow partner to use Dokument.

Product Demo